3 Canada Universities without Application Fees for International Students

Canada is a vast country filled with a lot of exciting opportunities. Moving to this great country for education or for work could be a very profitable move. While the country offers universities that cater to almost any career choice, they can be quite expensive. This can be a problem for international students wanting to study here but come with a fixed budget. To help those international students, we’ve compiled a list of universities in Canada without application fees even for international students.


You might not think that application fees are not a huge deal, but application fees alone could add up quickly (usually averaging around 100 CAD each) when you are still in the initial stages of researching different universities. For people with limited budgets, these application fees can restrict the number of schools they can apply to. You get the choice of either spending your budget on fees, or not applying to a specific university entirely. These are non-refundable fees, which means even if you are not accepted by the school, the funds are still theirs.

For students facing this problem, you do not have to worry. While some universities in Canada charge high fees to even get your paperwork in, there are a lot of schools that offer them for free. There are two types of universities: public and privately funded. For free application fees, your best bet is the public universities.

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Universities in Canada with No Application Fees :

Royal Roads University

Free  Application Fees for: International students applying via online applications only

Royal Roads University is a public university located at Colwood, British Columbia. They offer undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate courses for locals and International students alike. This university has around five thousand students annually. While it may look like one of the biggeruniversities in this list, it can still exude a homely and intimate feel. Students can board rooms both within and outside the campus.

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Quest University International

Free Application Fees for: International students applying via online applications before the deadline Quest University is a privately funded institution located in Squamish, British Columbia. The school is small, only housing about 700 students yearly. They focus most of their specialties on the Liberal Arts and Sciences. For those seeking history within their institutions, you may be disappointed with Quest University. Only founded in 2007, their halls are barely a decade old. However, if you like the modern architecture and facilities, you will like this college. That being said, it is an excellent school that offers great courses with decent tuition fees. There are also 700 students total so for those intimidated by larger crowds found in bigger universities, this may be for you.

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Booth University College

Free Application Fees for: All applications; accepted students need to pay 500 CAD upon admission to secure your spot

Located in Winnipeg, the Booth University College focuses more on the liberal arts. It is a privately funded institution and only offers a small amount of openings. They currently have less than a thousand students annually. Interested students may find this school attractive if they plan to study Social Sciences and the Humanities. The school itself is linked with the Salvation Army, which operates in a number of countries around the world.

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So, Are you Interested in Canadian Universities with No Application Fees?

As you can see, there are some universities that offer free applications. Whether you choose these or take the leap and spend a bit of money on your preferred school, just know this. Research is an important aspect in any decision. Choosing a university to invest time, money, and effort is a prime decision that one must not hastily decide on.

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